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Drafting arbitration clauses in contracts and ensuring proper jurisdiction clauses.

Advising on the selection of arbitrators.

Assisting and representing clients throughout proceedings.

Ensuring the enforcement of arbitral awards.

Founding Members

Hemant Joshi

Shivani Rao

Saumya Shukla, Research Head

Gunjan Kanunga, Off Counsel

About us


Welcome to our law firm’s distinguished Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice, where we offer an array of comprehensive services covering domestic and international arbitration, mediation, and conciliation. Our commitment extends throughout the entire lifecycle of a dispute, commencing with the meticulous drafting of dispute resolution clauses and navigating through arbitration proceedings, litigation, pre-arbitration attachments, and the enforcement or challenges of awards, all while representing our clients before esteemed forums such as the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, and various regional jurisdictions.

Our adept team specializes in delivering innovative strategies and seamless services to clients facing the complexities of arbitrations, court challenges, and enforcement actions. We manage the intricacies of arbitration stages, from drafting agreements to arbitrate to the enforcement or challenge of awards, providing comprehensive advice and representation that addresses issues from the inception of a dispute to its resolution or settlement.

Our diverse clientele includes esteemed listed and non-listed corporates, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, real estate developers, and High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). We stand as representatives in disputes spanning diverse sectors such as construction and infrastructure, information technology, banking and finance, insurance, energy, media and entertainment, securities, and B2B agreements.

Expertise and Experience:

Our experienced team, fueled by dedication and profound knowledge of arbitration laws, facilitates effective dispute resolution. With exceptional legal research and writing abilities and meticulous attention to detail, we navigate through complex cases with precision. As arbitration experts, we remain abreast of specific laws, rules, and regulations, continually updating ourselves with the latest developments and amendments.

Specialized Sectors:

Certain industries, including construction, international trade, intellectual property, insurance, and finance, often necessitate specialized arbitration procedures due to industry-specific disputes. Our arbitration experts possess focused experience and knowledge in these areas, enabling a nuanced understanding of the complexities involved. We have successfully assisted numerous clients in arbitral proceedings under the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, both in national and international cases seated in India.

Our Assistance Encompasses:

Meticulous drafting of arbitration clauses in contracts with an emphasis on ensuring proper jurisdiction clauses. Thoughtful advice on arbitrator selection. Active assistance and representation throughout proceedings. Assured enforcement of arbitral awards. Explore effective dispute resolution with our experienced team at Lawman Arbitral.

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